• Re-Pigmenting Shampoo
    Simple, instant and easy to apply.
    Developer free, silicine free, sulfate free, paraben free, Peg free...
    Composed of Phytokératine and Marine Collagen, the re-pigmenting shampoos are 98% natural.
  • Floral Repair Range

    "From Grasse to Identik"
    "To bring hair back to life"

    The Floral Repair range, a new generation, conceived by hairdressers and the know-how of perfumers.

    This range, patented by a niosome active system, protects, regenerates, revitalizes, and repairs the hair while preserving the natural structure.
    An exceptional raw material for a unique perfume, on a floral, orange, powdery, woody and amber note, conceived in the Grassoise region, the fief of the famous Haute Couture perfumes.

    Premium packaging that improves the economic and environmental impact with its wooden lid.

    The retail range consists of a shampoo and a mask.

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